Woohah Productions has years of experience providing the live music sector with the latest equipment in event production services, including lighting, video, audio, rigging and staging. We can supply advanced end-to-end solutions for tour organizers and promoters, or we can support a production manager to deliver particular aspects of a show within specification. Our project managers know how to schedule for tour logistics and know of all of the pitfalls when working with multiple venues and show dates. When it comes to concerts, our full suite of the latest audio, lighting and vision equipment means we can with you to ensure the show meets talent riders and other stakeholder requirements.  


Service Excellence

Our international team that makes up the PRG Music Group has years of combined experience in the entertainment industry and understands the work it takes to execute a successful production. From the planning process to the final prep and delivery of an unforgettable audience experience, our expertise is custom-tailored to the needs of our clients at every stage of production. We provide knowledgeable, behind-the-scenes teams as well as skillful, on-site technicians to integrate all of the elements it takes to realize your creative visions.