We know the expectations that come with corporate launch events. Your team have been working hard to deliver results and stressing about the launch event details only adds to the pressure. Fortunately, Woohah Productions are highly experienced in delivering product and company launch events. We understand that you only get one shot to make the right impression at a launch event. When the stakes are highest, it is essential that your marketing budget deliver results and compliment your business goals. That’s why our project managers will work with from the early design brief, all the way through to execution on the day.

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Technical yet creative

The possibilities our endless when we combine our large audio-visual and lighting inventory with a creative knack for working with set designers and your marketing team. We not only use our advanced technical capabilities, but are also able to design, deliver and manipulate digital content to enable a high level of brand integration and messaging across your event. Whether it's ensuring key video messages through digital screens are played throughout the night or if you want us to design a completely branding elements, our project and creative teams can delivery reliable and unique results.